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Overview of the Book
Are you tired of the dating scene? Have you been burned one too many times by people who were not worth your time? Are you looking for a more meaningful way to approach relationships? Then read this book because it illustrates exactly why dating sucks and leads to disappointment, while courtship offers a way to involve God in your relationships.

Courtship may seem like an outdated art-form of the 1800’s, but it’s still very relevant today. Courtship offers a means to set boundaries, learn as much as you can about someone and then make an educated decision about their suitability as a lifelong mate.

Filled with funny stories, anecdotes and real life examples, Why Dating Sucks and How Courtship Is Better is your go-to source for learning how to establish a successful relationship leading up to marriage and honor God in the process.

Now available in Paperback version, in addition to Electronic for Kindle, Nook & Mobile Devices.
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What People Are Saying:
“Desiree’s book is fun, refreshing and extremely straightforward. It was a delight to read and I highly recommend it.”
– Kacie Starr Triplett, Host of Inspired Overflow Radio Show

“Desiree is a great storyteller and with this book, demonstrates a veteran’s skill in breaking down the do’s and don’ts of courtship. A must read for all singles and a great refresher if you are attached. The book has emotional tales and provides great points that everyone can relate to.”
-Pakalakeia, Long-time Courtship Challenge Fan

“If you desire to marry one day, you should read this book before entering your next relationship so that you can start off on the right track.  If you’re already in a relationship, you should read this book to help evaluate where you are in your relationship and whether you and your mate are laying a solid foundation for a future together.  The author presents a biblically based view of courtship that challenged, convicted, and confirmed me.  The author is transparent and shares the ups and downs she experienced in seeking the marriage relationship that her heart desired.  This book blessed me greatly! I’ve read it more than once already.”
-Kelsten, Reader

D.S. Coleman

D.S. Coleman

D. S. Coleman is a freelance writer, motivational speaker and blogger focused on inspiring strong marriages and healthy relationships.Her blog offers fresh perspectives for singles seeking to honor God in their relationships and couples seeking to strengthen their marital bond.Featured in a variety of publications, her blog is the perfect companion for you – as you walk this Love Journey.She is the author of the new book “Why Dating Sucks & How Courtship Is Better” (available on
D.S. Coleman

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