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The Non-Negotiables of Relationships

A little lesson in dating and relationship….Here are a few things that are not too much to ask for….. Don’t lie – Lying shows that their words have no value or depth to them. You can’t trust what t...

Letting Your Guard Down

  Great quote from an unknown author. Seems like good advice for people who are scared to fail at love. To people who are unwilling to engage their hearts in relationships (only their heads). For people who stand on t...

Free from Pre-Marital Sex

   Why, oh why do we still debate if God is ok with you having sex before marriage? This is no longer a debate. It’s your unwillingness to acknowledge Biblical truth. Many of us like to conveniently ignore the p...

Sexual Purity

Getting Freedom From Your Past

   Great teaching from QuentinMcCall on “5 ways to overcome sexual soul ties…..”  Sometimes when you are focused on moving forward, you past will try to pull you back. Past relations...

He Loves You

   You are a treasure in God’s eyes. He is in love with you. Keep that thought 1st & never let your relationship status define you. #HeLovesYou #NoGreaterLove #Christ #love #relationships #GodlyDating #Chris...

Boyfriend vs. Husband

   Let’s not blur the lines, confuse the titles or erase the boundaries. Boyfriends get to love, admire, and enjoy the company for their girlfriends. Boyfriends get to be a confidant. Boyfriends get to know your...


Compatible Mates

  You can’t make a man out of him….you can’t magically give him character. He’s got to know and love God for himself. When God is the center of his life, then he can love you better. 

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Don’t jump out of a relationship and be on to the next one….just so that you don’t have to be alone.  Simmer down, wait for God, let Him write your love story & I promise it will be all worth it. Do y...

You Need God

    God is the glue that holds your relationship together. Period. So, you can’t expect the blessings of God if you don’t 1st inviting Him into your relationship. Without Him, it’s impossible to...


No More Missionary Dating….

   Welp, this pic says it all folks. No where in the good book does it mention, “Thou shalt missionary date to find your mate” and nowhere does Jesus say, “Go ahead and chill with them anyway…....