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Why Dating Sucks & How Courtship Is Better

Overview of the Book
Are you tired of the dating scene? Have you been burned one too many times by people who were not worth your time? Are you looking for a more meaningful way to approach relationships? Then read this book because it illustrates exactly why dating sucks and leads to disappointment, while courtship offers a way to involve God in your relationships.

Courtship may seem like an outdated art-form of the 1800’s, but it’s still very relevant today. Courtship offers a means to set boundaries, learn as much as you can about someone and then make an educated decision about their suitability as a lifelong mate.

Filled with funny stories, anecdotes and real life examples, Why Dating Sucks and How Courtship Is Better is your go-to source for learning how to establish a successful relationship leading up to marriage and honor God in the process.

About the Author
D.S. Coleman is a writer, motivational speaker and author of Why Dating Sucks and How Courtship is Better. After doing the dating scene, experiencing heartbreak and living to tell the story – D.S. Coleman uses humor and candor to share her experiences and outline a blueprint for covenant relationships.

D.S. Coleman is the founder of Courtship Challenge The Courtship Challenge is a movement that offers real, relevant and relatable information to enlighten singles on the fullness of God-centered relationships.

As a regular contributor to a highly circulated relationships column and a featured writer in a variety of online magazines, D.S. Coleman offers audiences straight talk and principles to live by. She and her husband have two beautiful daughters.