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The Non-Negotiables of Relationships

A little lesson in dating and relationship….Here are a few things that are not too much to ask for…..

Don’t lie – Lying shows that their words have no value or depth to them. You can’t trust what they say…and they likely will tell you anything you want to hear. This person doesn’t have the courage to operate in truth and honesty and are not someone you want around.

Don’t cheat – Cheating says that you are not enough and that their lack of respect for you and the relationship will allow them to stray. That’s no way to live – long term or short term. Love yourself enough to exit stage right.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep – When people are wishy washy with their word, it highlights the fact that they don’t value integrity and fidelity to their word. You deserve more than that.

All of these things reveal character flaws that you can quite frankly live without. If you can’t trust what someone says or does, it is a futile exercise and waste of energy. Once these behaviors have been shown to you – you are accountable to choose well and guard your heart.


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D.S. Coleman

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