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Surrender Your Love Life

If you are asking God for a mate or praying about who is the person God has for you, I encourage you to seek God and surrender to His will. I want to introduce you to the Surrender Fast, by Dr. Celeste Owens. I’ve heard AWESOME testimonies about the Surrender Fast, but now I’m embarking on the journey myself. It’s not a traditional fast of just giving up meat….but more about giving your heart to God. It’s asking God to reveal to you what’s in your heart and then giving it all to Him. It’s letting go of whatever you hold dear and asking God to put a mirror up to it. There are so many areas we could focus on, but I’m inviting you to join me in this time of growing in God. If you expect God to REVEAL – RESTORE – HEAL, then join me and register for Surrender Fast – at www.surrenderfast.com
1. Get the book and Read the Pre-Fast Section
2. Ask the Father what things He will have you to SURRENDER (for some it was sweets, impatience, fear, relationships, finances, etc.) He will show you!
3. Each morning WORSHIP – PRAY – SURRENDER the area(s) DAILY in PRAYER
4. Read that Days Devotion – Journal in a separate book the answers to the questions that follow. BE STILL & LISTEN for HIS VOICE
5. Participate Prayer Call at 7:00am (If you miss the call, it is RECORDED). Those calls are absolutely POWERFUL. They are only 15 minutes. Dr. Celeste does a brief but powerful teaching and every day someone from her prayer team says a prayer on behalf of the community of Surrender Fasters & their family.
6. Feel free to submit prayers to the prayer line via email given on website
7. Prayer Calls are at 7:00am daily except for Friday’s. Friday there is a weekly Wrap Up Call at 12:00noon Phone number will be listed on website
8. Each day you can go to the website and share how the FAST is impacting your life by leaving a comment.
9. You’ll receive emails throughout the week – to check on you – encourage you!

D.S. Coleman

D.S. Coleman

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