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A Christ-centered Relationship is Worth the Wait

For some, it may seem like the single season will never end….and that can be frustrating. It could lead you to want to relax your standards or deceive you into believing that waiting patiently on the Lord will not yield the intended fruit. That is the furthest from the truth! Although there may be a nagging thought that says, “It doesn’t take all that?” or “Just go date that (random) person”….you don’t have to entertain that voice. Even if you notice those around you who are abandoning their faith for a relationship, you have to persevere to in continuing to follow the Lord’s lead when it comes to dating and relationships.

While other may have chosen the easy path to find someone, anyone to be with….it doesn’t mean there is a blessing attached to it. A warm body does not equal destiny and purpose cannot be found outside of God. So, I want to encourage you that while it may look like the grass is greener on the other side and that you should allow yourself to date anyone, that’s not God’s perfect plan and you could actually miss the good thing He is preparing. In short, I’m trying to say that a Christ-centered relationship is worth waiting for. No one can do it better than God and when He finally brings the person for you, it will blow your mind! So, keep holding on. It will be worth it!


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D.S. Coleman

D.S. Coleman

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