Posted March 12, 2014 by in Dating

Need a Good Relationship Advisor? I Know Someone…..

We were driving down the highway recently and I saw a billboard that said something to the affect of:

“Can I Be Your Relationship Advisor? I’m available. -God”

It was so simple, yet so profound.

With all the relationship experts, self-help books and self-professed dating gurus, its easy to forget to ask the One who is THE EXPERT….the Creator of humanity, that is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be your relationship counselor.


And while God is ready and willing to counsel us on all on matters of the heart, how many of us actually seek Him for that area of our lives? How many of us have bothered to involve Him in the process? And how many of us can honestly say that we have surrendered our love lives to God and asked for His guidance? Not many people.

During your single season, have you ever inquired, “God, how do you feel about “X” person? Or should I go out on a date with that person?” Or been honest to say, “God, they are cute, but do you even want me spending time with them?” Connecting with God in this way requires a level of intimacy and transparency with God. It demands that we take the time to seek God and ask for His help in relationships.

These reflection questions can help you assess how well you have involved God in your single experience: Have you ever stopped to take time to seek God before a relationship developed or while you were considering someone as a romantic interest? In other words, have you invited God into your love life? Have you sought the Lord on what characteristics He wants you to be looking for in a mate? Are you calling all the shots in your life concerning love, dating and relationships? Who or what do you turn to for most of your relationship advice….. Books? Talk shows? A hairdresser or barber?

It seems to me that we can best learn love from the God who is LOVE (1 John 4:8); from the God who loves marriage & relationships (Malachi 2:11); from the one who knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11); from the Lord who orders our steps and guides us (Psalm 37:23); from the one who is our Counselor (Isaiah 9:6); from the God who heals us and binds up the wounds of the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3).

With all that God is….we should make Him first on our consultation list when it comes to relationships. This is a good posture to be in because you are inviting God to lead your love life.

So, I ask you this question, “Need Relationship Advice? He’s Available. Just reach out to Him: God.

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