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When I Found My Real-Life Prince Charming (By Shannon Morton)

An example of Courtship from a beautiful Christian couple….


Where I Was
“(Concerning love), my Godmother told me I should pray for exactly what I wanted in a mate and not settle and one day I haphazardly tried it. I remember the exact place and everything….but little did i know it would be the beginning of a new chapter. This was in early 2008. At this point in life, I was healing from a negative relationship, getting closer to God, and enjoying the time I had to serve in the kingdom. I was enjoying my freedom and serving God.

Over summer break from college, Johnny reached out to me. I initially didn’t trust him due to his “pretty boy” looks, and I let him know that, but he was persistent in communicating. So we talked almost daily, even if for literally a second or two, just on friendly terms, and as time progressed from May to August, he asked me to be his girlfriend, but at that point, I was not willing to get into another casual dating relationship, so told him I wasn’t ready. I took that time to pray about taking this step or not. I can recall during that time how God told me Johnny would be my husband. And to my surprise he waited as I contemplated being his girlfriend or not, and was alright with not making the commitment until I was comfortable. That was rare and shocked me….and after receiving confirmation from God, I was ready and he consented to “officially” begin courting/dating.

Our Courtship

It all seemed great- I had a man who was willing to attend service with me on Sundays, respected my body, was kind, compassionate, but then the storm came. But during summer break 2009, I got the call that Johnny didn’t think he wanted to be saved…..he didn’t feel what we felt when everybody would jump up at church and do all that stuff….and he said “I don’t want to fake it. I want it for myself.” I could respect his decision to want a true relationship with God, but it caused me to question if I heard God correctly and if we should remain together.

Through this time of course, my ex-boyfriends came hard, other temptations in both our lives were presented, and the scripture about not being unequally yoked was presented consistently (2 Cor 6:14)). So I prayed….I fasted..and I sought Godly counsel. Nonetheless, in that time God insisted that he was my husband….and He showed me the scripture that speaks of the wife sanctifying the husband. That scripture in 1 Corinthians 7:12-14 was very salient to me and encouraged me to hold on to God’s promise. Johnny remained sweet, caring, and etc., but it was a challenge that I decided was worth waiting for. That was a do or die moment right there. Trust me, I had my little tantrums, moments of complete confidence, and then moments when I felt like I was in a war zone.

But in Winter 2009, I can recall brushing my hair in my dorm one morning just chatting with God and being reassured that by the summer Johnny would be saved. In the meantime there were some things I, and he, had to learn. I was humbled that everything does not go as I planned but that everything works in God’s time.

Time went on and we continued to grow closer, we continued to court, learn about each other (faults and strengths) and I can recall right before it was time for me to leave for the summer (he was also moving to MD) it was evening, we were driving through the middle of campus and Johnny asked if you can be saved in your bedroom? And then shared how he accepted salvation again in his bedroom the day before. IT WAS AWESOME AND I WAS AMAZED AT GOD’S PROMISE! Since then there’s been no turning back and we’ve grown closer to God and then each other, all the while keeping our boundaries so we can please God. There’s a song that we joke with by Canton Jones that says “you’re cute, but not cute enough for my salvation” that has been an ongoing joke. I just appreciate the journey we’ve taken- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to bring us to this point. I’ve had the honor to watch the miracle of salvation before my eyes and I honor the ministry within Johnny’s life.

Where I am now

January 1st shortly after the “ball dropped”, we were in Watch night service at church and Johnny was called up to speak by our pastor. I was a bit confused…but this is where he had chosen to propose marriage! I happily accepted and since then we have been preparing for marriage and the wedding too with fasting, prayer, pre-marital counseling, and reading about our new upcoming ministries. Realizing the ways that I was humbled, dependent on God, still being watched (by others that later told me they watched me go through) during our season of fire amazed me because I now realize I would not have been strong enough to effectively stand as a wife without going through our season where I was pushed to explore my foundation of prayer, fasting, and studying, and trust. I could be described b a “Type A’ personality and typically would be quick to leave if something was not good for too long…so sticking our season of fire pushed me to a new mindset (previously I would threaten to leave when we would have disagreements). This mindset is necessary in this new season of preparing to be a wife to a man of God as well as be in ministry serving people with a different mindset.

In the same way, watching Johnny’s transformation, willingness to communicate, his forgiveness of my flaws, his humility, growth, and comfortable level with himself and his relationship with God has been a pleasure. He has sacrificed to move his life out here for me, to work hard to establish himself here, worked to go beyond himself in communicating, and etc. and it has only pushed me to look at myself in the mirror so I can be a better servant and light for Christ and show Johnny the love of Christ that he continues to show me. Our journey has been beautiful, trying, humbling, and growth places for both of us. Trusting God’s direction from start to finish is the only way we would have made it. My God-mom said settling is not an option… and she was right because what God has for me it is for me. Bailing out of God’s promise is not an option because our relationship has grown so much since we have both been forced to look at ourselves in mirror throughout our three years together. I’m on my way to my Canaan ya’ll and I refuse to go back to Egypt!”

– Shannon

Well, it looks like Shannon found her Prince Charming! I was so blessed to hear her story and learn about how she waited on God for direction in the relationship, sought God through prayer and watched God establish a solid foundation in her relationship. This is beautiful and I pray God’s blessing and favor over Shannon and Johnny! Be encouraging in believing that God has great things in store for you too!

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Photo courtesy of: Shannon Morton