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What Love From A Real Man Looks Like


Y’all I am in love with a man…..who is simply amazing.

Takes my breath away.

Gives me love in only the way He can…..late at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

He is wonderful.

He takes care of me. Showers me with only the best. Gives me the world.

Y’all I’m telling you—there’s something about that man.

Umm. He is kind, thoughtful, and simply too sweet.

Wakes me up in the morning. Smiles at me like the rays of the sun.

Helps me get dressed and makes sure that I make it to work each day. (exhale)

His skin is perfectly kissed with the sun—bronze and golden…..it’s radiant.

His locs are coily and kinky like wool.

Simply beautiful.

Y’all this Man is the love of my life.

I never knew that I could fall in love like this.

I never knew that I could feel something so deep….like to the depths of my soul.

And, I never knew that someone could love me so much.

With the good, the bad, and the ugly…..this Man has stuck by my side–through thick and thin and we are still rising together.

He’s amazing.

This Man is the love of my life.



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Photo courtesy of: lipstickdreamsmag.com