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Power of Prayer for Future Spouse


We need a personal time in prayer to find strength and to receive revelation. We need prayer to refresh our soul and enrich our life. We need prayer for covering and protection. Prayer changes things and it gives you insight from God. Relationships are important to God and we need to spend time praying about that as well.

While you may be single or dating, it is still a good practice to pray for the one who you may be joined with forever. I am talking about praying for your future spouse. This could help them overcome struggles in their life, conquer fears, and achieve great things. Stormie Omartian is a renowned author who has encouraged millions in seeking the heart of God to strengthen relationships. Check out her website: http://www.stormieomartian.com for inspiration and get started on prayer. Here are some things that Stormie highlights as areas you should pray for:

Prayer for Future Husband:
1. His (Future) Wife (pray for yourself!)
2. His Work
3. His Finances
4. His Sexuality
5. His Affection
6. His Temptations
7. His Mind
8. His Fears
9. His Purpose
10. His Choices
11. His Health
12. His Protection
13. His Trials
14. His Integrity
15. His Reputation
16. His Priorities
17. His Relationships
18. His Fatherhood
19. His Past
20. His Attitude
21. His Marriage
22. His Emotions
23. His Walk
24. His Talk
25. His Repentance
26. His Deliverance
27. His Obedience
28. His Self-Image
29. His Faith
30. His Future

Prayer for Future Wife:
1. Her (future) Husband (pray for yourself)
2. Her Spirit
3. Her Emotions
4. Her Motherhood
5. Her Moods
6. Her Marriage
7. Her Submission
8. Her Relationships
9. Her Priorities
10. Her Beauty
11. Her Sexuality
12. Her Fears
13. Her Purpose
14. Her Trust
15. Her Protection
16. Her Desires
17. Her Work
18. Her Deliverance
19. Her Obedience
20. Her Need
21. Her Future

Prayer is one of the most effective resources to equip us with understanding and power. Start praying today and let me know if there is anything else you would add to this list. And be sure to check out my YouTube channel for inspiring discussions on dating, sex and marriage: http://bit.ly/1eRswNT

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