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What’s in a Name……Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Friend? Significant Other?


Your love questions answered…..

Hello DS Coleman!

I am just beginning a courtship with my friend, whom I’ve known for many years. He asked my parents if we could court and they approved. Since then, we have focused on becoming good friends. We are now an “item” and I was just wondering how did you refer to yourself when you were courting? My parents are not a big fan of boyfriend/girlfriend label because of the cultural connotations and expectations, but I also think its overkill as long as we continue to walk in purity and with The Lord. So do we take the label for simplicity but make it clear we aren’t dating casually and reckless with our passions, or do we throw that label out all together and make a new path? Suitor? Significant other? Would love your thoughts.

Be blessed,
Happily in Love


Dear Happily In Love-

Congratulations! I’m so excited that you guys were friends first and then God led you with the blessing of family to start a courtship! I pray God’s blessing and discernment in this season as you seek Him for guidance and direction.

And thank you for your question. For hubby and I, we had the “boyfriend/girlfriend” label, however I always quickly explained that we were in a courtship & trying to do things God way….not just hanging out or dating just for fun. I realize that there assumptions (mostly bad) that come along with the label of “boyfriend/girlfriend”. I think that as long as you both are clear about the purpose of the relationship (i.e. getting to know each other with intention and dating not casually or recklessly), then you have the right understanding on what matters most. Your commitment to honor God through your relationship is the foundation of your courtship and it sounds like that is in tact and your hearts are towards God, so good luck and God Bless!

~DS Coleman

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