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Is Clubbing Ok….Especially for Christian Couples?


A few years ago, I attended a birthday party for a good friend at a lively venue that served food and had a small dance floor. It was a very contemporary establishment and though it wasn’t a club, it certainly reminded me of my days of hitting the club. Everyone in the place was trying to see and be seen….and people were dressed to impress: fellas rocking cool V-necks and ladies with short skirts that let it all hang out. It was a very interesting scene and it got me to thinking: should couples hit the club?

Now, hubby and I don’t club, however, I am (what I like to refer to myself as) a “reformed clubber”. Because going out was something I used to do on Sundays….. Mondays… Wednesdays…. Fridays…it didn’t matter the day because at that time, if something was exciting going on – I was there.

Then, the Lord began to convict my heart about going out all the time and He showed me that the environment was not a good place to cultivate my relationship with Him and that clubbing was affecting my spiritual growth. It was not an easy process, but eventually, I surrendered my ‘clubbing card’. And although it took a while, over time, I replaced clubbing with other things I enjoy like shows, dinners, art, music and the movies.

But anyway, I digress – where was I in my story? Yes, the party scene. Well, the night of the birthday party, as I was checking out the scene and I realized one thing: “The club is no place for anyone in a relationship!”

That night, I saw more fishnet stockings than my eyes could bear to witness. And it made me wonder how a man in a committed relationship would react to all that flesh. What if his girl couldn’t fit into those skinny jeans or rock that Beyonce inspired leotard? Would it leave him no choice but to let his eyes wander? If his woman wasn’t keeping it tight, but the ladies in the club were – wouldn’t it be an easy way to entertain the attractions of his eyes? Whether he’s a faithful man or not, it’s just likely that his eyes might entertain things they ought not when put in an environment like that. And that’s the seed that leads to temptation.

Likewise, if a woman’s beau is boxing in the lightweight category and he is only 98 pounds (soaking wet), yet the guys in the club are tall, dark and handsome (just like she likes them) – won’t that make the mind ponder things it shouldn’t? Intentional or not.

I think with all the pressures on God-centered relationships – not only from trying to honor God daily, but also in trying to abstain from sex, is it really necessary to partake in an atmosphere like the club that has the potential to produce unnecessary temptation, draw someone party down a path of lust, create comparisons or worst? I don’t think it’s helps build a God-centered relationships, but what do you think? Is the club edifying? Should couples stay away? Let me know your thoughts. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please “like” our page on Facebook; follow me on Twitter @courtship101 and sign up below to receive our weekly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/Jqlbn
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