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How to Avoid 7 Years, 3 Kids and No Ring


How long should you wait before you get married? What is that magical number? I talked to several couples about this and here’s my take: It shouldn’t take 8 years, 3 kids and a car in your boo’s name before you are convinced that they are “the one” for you. Either the person is the right one for you or not. It doesn’t take 5 years to figure out.

My personal thought is the longer you wait….the higher the possibility that you live as though you are married even though you’re not and that short-changes everyone. That doesn’t honor  God and it doesn’t give you the best in relationships either.  It’s important to communicate regularly in trying to ascertain if the person is the one for you.  This is done through prayer, input from parents, evaluating your relationship and searching your heart to see if this is the person that God designed for you. For me, it took about 13 months to “know” that my husband was the one for me, but it varies from person to person.  I’m not here to give a golden number, but I am suggesting that you have to be intentional about either working towards marriage or deciding to part ways.  There shouldn’t be a whole lot in between.

I don’t think that God is pleased with people taking all the benefits from marriage (love, support, sex, togetherness, etc) but then refusing to make the commitment associated with marriage. Pray, seek, ask questions and then decide: Either God selected this person as your spouse before time began or He didn’t. Either He designed this person to be a leader or a help-meet to your life or He didn’t. Either he crafted you with this person in mind or He didn’t.  Either He has destined you for eternity or He has not.  If He speaks that this is the person for you, honor the blessing in that and bring your relationship into the sanctity of marriage. Solidify your bond and invite God to be the third cord that binds you together. Marriage is too precious to be disregarded, so if you’ve found the one, get it right and get to the altar.  Let me know your thoughts below.  How long should it take to get engaged?  If you’ve enjoyed this article, please “like” our page on Facebook; follow me on Twitter @courtship101 and sign up below to receive our weekly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/Jqlbn
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