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Marriage Advice From Older Women

Before I got married, a group of my friends joined together and gave me the best gift ever. Through prayerful thought and meticulous planning, these women organized a ‘marriage rites of passage ceremony (of sorts)’. It was an intimate event to commemorate my passage from a single woman to married woman. They shared challenges they had endured in relationships and offered advice on dealing with a variety of issues that I might face in marriage. They prayed for me, laughed with me and encouraged me to be the best wife possible. And at the end of our time together, I was empowered to walk into my new role as a wife. This was shortly before my wedding and I will cherish the nuggets they shared forever.

One gift they left with that day was “The Prayer Box”. It was a white, ceramic box with a lid and I still have it to this day. The purpose the box was to place my prayer for myself and my marriage in the box. Today, it has great sentimental value. Maybe it’s so special because my friends thought about who I was and who I was to become – and they wrote words of encouragement that I could refer to throughout my marriage. I’ve gone back to that box many times to read the hand-written notes of encouragement, wisdom and admonition.

And, now as a married woman, I understand that these women took to heart the directive in Titus 2:4 “These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children” (NLT). They shared their wisdom so that I could enter marriage fully prepared to love my husband and also deal with the adjustment of a new life, the demands, the joys, the challenges, the bittersweet days. Only now can I fully appreciate the love behind the gesture of the ceremony they prepared for me that day. And it’s a reminder that we all need to have older, wiser people in our lives that we can learn from and emulate for stronger marriages. There is a blessing in hearing a perspective different than your own to give you insight to handle a situation or wisdom to keep quiet. There is a blessing to hear what others have been through and understand how they triumphed. There is a blessing in understanding what other couples have done to have solid, healthy marriages, that have lasted 20, 30 and 40 years.

So, my challenge to all my single friends reading this is to identify the person/ people in your life who can help you as you navigate the road towards marriage. These should be people who can provide Godly insight and wisdom on how to approach and have a healthy view of marriage. If you don’t have someone in mind, begin to pray that God will open the doors to facilitate it. It promises to be a blessing.

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