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Successful, Satisfied, Single and Celibate


I wanted to introduce you to a fabulous woman Ursula Fisher who is our featured contributor in today’s video.  She will give you insights, tips and real life examples of what it means to be Successful, Satisfied, Single and Celibate. However……


Here are some snippets of what Ursula says it takes to thrive as a single person:

Family and Support Networks: This is pic of Ursula and her Mom. She believes that prayer partners, accountability partners, family and church members can provide the supports to help ever single person live a prosperous life. So, its important for other singles to be open and available to building these foundational supports for a successful single life.

Friendships: This is a pic of Ursula with her best-friend of over 35 years. Ursula believes that sisterhood and having meaningful friendships is a cornerstone of enjoying life, giving to others and gaining support for life’s journey.  Work on strengthening your friendships.

Fun and Entertainment: You can’t just sit at home and be bored!  Here is a pic of Ursula ready for a Night on the Town. You can go to cultural events, meet up with a group of friends, do concerts or plan a dinner party. Experience life by having fun and doing activities.

Okay, the preview is officially over! 🙂 Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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