Posted November 13, 2013 by in Features

My Life in the “V” Club (inspired by Nicole Nelson)

That’s right I said it. VIRGIN. At 22 years old, Nicole isn’t shy about sharing why she still belongs to the V-Club and how she’s able to refrain from “doing the do”. So, read on to learn some important principles that you can apply or share with others.

But let me be clear about one thing. Nicole is not married and she’s never had sex. And she isn’t doing this to earn some badge of honor or to set a Guinness Book of World record. It’s for one reason and one reason only: She Wants To Please God.

True, it didn’t start out that way, but it has evolved into a love relationship of obedience to God. Initially, fear of punishment from her parents motivated Nicole to keep herself, but then she had an important revelation: that she couldn’t keep herself alone. As suitors approached and temptations flared, Nicole realized that she needed the power of the Holy Spirit to maintain her sexual purity.


When I asked Nicole what responses she gets when she shares that she’s a virgin, it’s mixed. It ranges from laughter to disbelief to my personal favorite, “you’re too cute to be that.” Really? I guess its because we are in a culture that esteems hook-ups and going for what you know. So, it’s astonishing that someone has taken a stance against the age-old cop-out: “I’ve got needs.”

How does she do it? Nicole says, she prays daily for grace and for God’s strength. Then, she reminds herself of why she’s on this journey – because she wants to please God. She admits that if your heart is not in the right place or you rely on yourself to be kept, its really easy for temptation to be larger than life. So, Nicole prays and asks God for help to stay away from sex before marriage because she knows that it can bring doubt, insecurity or spiritual soul ties that linger for a lifetime……Soul ties that make it harder to give yourself fully to the one God intended for you. She is also a poet and uses her art as a form of expression.

She used to ask herself, “Why do I have to do this?” But now she reminds herself of the benefits and rewards of sexual purity when she’s feeling weak. She quickly remembers that it’s a sacrifice and that the rewards will be so much greater. She imagines how God is preparing her mate right now and how beautiful the gift that she presents to her future husband will be. She imagines God smiling down on her from heaven and saying, “Well done”.

Her simple advice to others, “Don’t give the gift away.” Recommit to a life of purity if you’ve already unwrapped the present that was intended for your spouse and cherish that which is precious. It’s never too late to start on the journey towards sexual purity.